Tips For Brushing your Hair

Use a brush whose bristles are made from natural animal hairs, it is softer and more flexible, which means less damage will be done to your hair.

Hair is most fragile when it is wet so avoid brushing or combing when it’s wet, or else it will cause breakage. Wait until your hair is almost completely dry before brushing it.

Use brushes/combs with widely spaced bristles/teeth and smooth tips. Sharp tooth combs can damage your hair, cause split ends, and scratch your scalp.

To keep your brushes and combs clean, wash them weekly using soap or shampoo.

Comb your hair to remove any tangles before brushing it.

Begin by combing your hair gently at the ends to get any tangles out and work your way up to the base of your hair.

Always brush/comb with a downwards stroke.

Avoid using plastic brushes/combs which create static electricity


Tip #1

In this hot summer, blowdrying your hair can be very damaging. But there are products out there to help your hair. Straight 24 is a living conditioner used before blowdrying, that will help your hair straighten faster ( less heat from blowdryer ) and at the same time keep your hair conditioned and shinny all day long.