End of Summer…

End of Summer… Why is my hair so damaged?

End of summer for most of us means back to school, end of getaways weekends on the beach or summer houses. With all that fun in the pool and the beach comes consequences for your hair, dryness, decoloration, breakage and more. All the damage can come by natural factors, like the ocean, sun or humidity or by chemicall factors like chlorine in pools or cooper used in pools to fight against algae. All that in the end of summer gets a toll on your hair.
The process to get your hair back to healthy, shinnier and stronger starts by getting hair products made specially for the need of your hair. If its breakage the problem, you will need to add Vitamin E to the hair, if dryness is the issue, you will need leave in conditioners and deep conditioners, the shine would come back when the main problem is resolved. Here in Interbeauty Corp, we have formulated products for all those problems your hair might go thru the hot summer.

Simon M.
Interbeauty Corp

Fin del Verano… Por que el cabello esta maltratado?

El fin de verano para la mayoria de nosotros significa el retorno a clases, el fin de mini vacaciones de fin de semanas en la playa o a la casa de verano. Con todo esa diversion en la playa o la piscina vienen las consecuencias para su cabello, resequedad, decoloracion, requerebramiento y muchos mas. Todos estas consecuencias pueden venir por factores ambientales como el sol, humedad o el mar, o por factores quimicos como cloro en piscinas o los quimicos que se agregan a las piscinas para combatir el crecimiento de algas marinas. Todo eso al final del verano le pasa factura al cabello.
El proceso para devolverle al cabello su belleza natural, brillo y suavidad empieza por comprar o utilizar productos especializados para el problema especifico que se quiera combatir. Si el problema es requebramiento del cabello la solucion es usar productos que inecten Vitamina E al cabello. Si es resequedad lo que queremos combatir, necesitamos usar “leave in conditioners” y tratamientos profundos. En Interbeauty Corp hemos formulado productos especializados para atacar todos esos problemas que vienen luego de un divertido verano.

Simon M
Interbeauty Corp

Tips For Brushing your Hair

Use a brush whose bristles are made from natural animal hairs, it is softer and more flexible, which means less damage will be done to your hair.

Hair is most fragile when it is wet so avoid brushing or combing when it’s wet, or else it will cause breakage. Wait until your hair is almost completely dry before brushing it.

Use brushes/combs with widely spaced bristles/teeth and smooth tips. Sharp tooth combs can damage your hair, cause split ends, and scratch your scalp.

To keep your brushes and combs clean, wash them weekly using soap or shampoo.

Comb your hair to remove any tangles before brushing it.

Begin by combing your hair gently at the ends to get any tangles out and work your way up to the base of your hair.

Always brush/comb with a downwards stroke.

Avoid using plastic brushes/combs which create static electricity


Hair Color Care

We usually tend to think that taking care of our hair or our customers hair is relatively easy. Just use a shampoo and conditioner and it should be fine. But that’s where we are wrong…

Taking care of your hair when it is “virgin” it’s easy, you can keep your original and softness with regular hair products. But as soon as your hair goes thru a chemical process like a relaxer, keratin system, bleach or hair coloring, your hair needs special treatment along with special products.

On this article we will focus on the treatment following a permanent hair color procedure.

As soon as you have a permanent hair color done on your hair, your whole line of products has to change… But why?  First of all because your hair strands won’t have the same texture, softness and shine as before and secondly because you would like to keep the color and shine for the longest time possible and that would be impossible using regular shampoo and conditioners.

Why did we mention that your strands won’t be the same? The permanent hair coloring used by most hair salons have ammonia or other chemicals to be able to penetrate deep in the strands so it could stay longer. The use of peroxide mixed with the ammonia in the hair dye, make the hair strands open so the hair can lose its original tone, then lighten with the peroxide and then deposit the hair dye deep in the strand with the help of the ammonia. As soon as the strands go thru that process, it will never go back to its original state and that’s why we created the Hydra Color System Hair Care products (http://www.kleravitex.com/Search.asp?SearchString=hydracolor). This line of products will help seal the color, keep the hair tone and shine for much longer period of time than using regular products.

They are specially formulated to keep the hair sealed so outside factors as sun, chlorine, smoke and others environmental factors that will strip your hair color.

We always suggest our customers,  to advise their clients, who are having a permanent hair coloring process done, about the hair products they need to use, teaching them or explaining them about it would just make them come back to our salons and have more confidence on us.

Simon M.

Interbeauty Corp / KLERAVITEX

Cuidado de Cabello con Color


Usualmente tendemos a pensar que cuidar nuestro cabello o el de nuestros clientes es relativamente fácil. Solo usar Shampoo y Acondionador y eso seria suficiente. Pero ahí es donde estamos incorrectos.

Cuidar el cabello cuando es “Virgen” es muy fácil, podemos mantener la suavidad original y brillo con productos regulares. Al momento de hacerse cualquier proceso químico como Relaxer, Bleach, Keratina o Color Semi-Permanente, el cabello necesitara de cuidados y tratamientos especiales al igual que productos.

En este artículo nos enfocaremos únicamente en el cuidado del cabello para cabello que ha pasado por procesos de Coloración Semi-Permanente.

Al momento de hacer el proceso de coloración Semi-Permanente en el cabello, la línea de productos de cuidado capilar tienen y deberían de cambiar.. Pero Por Qué? Principalmente porque la hebra capilar no va a tener la misma textura, suavidad y elasticidad. Y secundario porque queremos mantener el tono nuevo por más tiempo en el cabello sin que opaque el color.

Porque mencionamos que sus hebras capilares no van a volver a ser iguales que antes? El color Semi-Permanente usado por la mayoría de Salones o por profesionales de la belleza, contienen amonia y otros químicos para poder penetrar los más profundo en le hebra capilar para que el color o tono aplicado dure más tiempo. El uso del peróxido con el color semi-permanente que contiene amonia, hace que la hebra capilar se abra y haya un intercambio de oxigeno que junto al peróxido hace que el tono del cabello se aclare y luego que el amonia penetre profundamente en la hebra para depositar ahí el color deseado.  Cuando el cabello pasa por ese proceso la textura de cada hebra capilar cambia y no es igual que cuando era “Virgen”, por este motivo nosotros hemos creado la línea Hydra Color System Hair Care (http://www.kleravitex.com/Search.asp?SearchString=hydracolor). Esta línea de productos ayudara a sellar el color en el cabello por mucho más tiempo sin opacarse ni perder el tono. También ayudaran al cabello a protegerse de efectos ambientales como el sol, cloro, humo y otros factores ambientales que harán que el tono del color se opaquen y se pierda más rápido.

Siempre recomendamos a nuestros clientes que les aconsejen a sus clientes que están recibiendo un color semi-permanente que utilicen productos especiales para cabello con color. Enseñar y aconsejar a nuestros clientes siempre hará que ell@s vuelvan a nuestros salones y tengan confianza en nosotros.

Simon M

Interbeauty Corp / KLERAVITEX

Service, Service and More Service…. ENGLISH/SPANISH

Service! Service and more Service

Salon Owners are usually worried about losing customers to other salons that might be attracting customers with very low cost procedures. Some beauty salon owners think that by matching those prices they will bring their old customers back or never lose them. In reality, when a customer changes hair salons, the main reason is because they felt uncomfortable or they weren’t happy with the service or results in their hair.

Let me begin by saying that I’ve seen customers come back to hair salons were their hair color or hair cut was nothing near what they wanted, but they came back because of the service and level of comfort they felt in the salon, with their hair stylist and everyone else involved in her stay at the salon. I don’t want to say that results are not important at all, what I’m trying to tell you are that sometimes we make mistakes and we can’t afford to lose a customer due to a mistake, that’s why service is very important for a beauty salon.

Lots of hair stylist always asks me… Even though the results were amazing customers don’t come back?… I always answer with the same questionnaire…

Did you get her name?

Did you establish any kind of conversation during her stay?

Did you offer her any drinks, snacks?

Usually they fail with the first question but if they are able to answer the 3 questions affirmative then we have to investigate more, but that usually is not the case.

We, as hair stylist, need to know our customers, speak to them, make them comfortable, that level of comfort we will get them to (not becoming disrespectful) will assure us that even though, sometimes the results won’t be amazing our customer feel comfortable and will for sure be back.

After servicing your customers, those Beauty Salons that lower their prices won’t have success, because you not letting go your customers.

Service in a beauty salon means so many things, it start from knowing our customers, likes and dislikes, offering drinks or snacks, cleanliness of beauty salon and even educating our customers on what services are being done to them and what products they can use for better results. Educating a customer brings their comfort level to the top, makes them feel like they are your partner in the procedures being done to her/him.

Your customers will always feel and see that you made the Greatest most Amazing job when they are well serviced in your salon or by you…

Simon M

Interbeauty Corp / KLERAVITEX

Servicio, Servicio y Mas Servicio.

Dueños de Salones de Belleza usualmente estan preocupados por perder clientes a otros salones que hacen procedimientos por muy bajo costo. Algunos dueños creen que bajando sus costos van a sujetar a sus clientes. En Realidad, la principal razon por la que los clientes dejan un Salon de Belleza, es porque no se sientieron comodos o no recibieron un buen servicio por parte del personal del Salon.

Quiero empezar por decirles que he visto clientes que vuelven a Salones de Belleza donde el resultado de sus visitas anteriores no fueron los deseados, pero regresan por el nivel de comodidad y por el excelente servicio recibido por el estilista y por todos las personas involucradas en el Salon. Con esto no quiero decir que el resultado no es importante, lo que quiero hacerles entender, es que como humanos, cometemos errores y no podemos dejar que un cliente nos deje por un error, por eso el nivel de conformidad y atencion al cliente es tan importante.

Muchos Estilistas Profesionales me preguntan…. A pesar de que el cliente salio con un resultado Excelente en el cabello, no vuelven?…. yo siempre les respondo con el mismo cuestionario.

Llegaste a conocer su Nombre?

Entablaste cualquier tipo de conversacion con el cliente?

Le ofreciste alguna bebida o aperitivo?

Usualmente fallan desde la primera pregunta, si aciertan a responder afirmativamente a las 3 preguntas ya habria que examinar los casos mas especificamente, pero usualmente ese no es el caso.

Nosotros, como Estilistas Profesionales, tenemos que conocer a nuestra clientela, hablarles, saber que les gusta y que no, hacerles sentir comodos (sin irrespetarlos), esa atencion que le damos a nuestros clientes siempre va a servir para que vuelvan.

Atendiendo a nuestros clientes de la mejor manera asegura que aunque tengamos Salones de Belleza, que bajan sus precios para quitarnos nuestra clientela, no tengan exito.

Servicio en Salones de Belleza significa muchisimas cosas, empieza por conocer nuestra clientela, gustos de cada uno, ofrecer bebidas o aperitivos, limpieza del Salon y hasta educar a nuestros clientes en que procedimientos se le estan haciendo en el cabello. Educar a un  cliente eleva el nivel de conformidad a tope, los hace sentir como si fueran nuestros socios en su estadia en el Salon.

Sus Clientes siempre sentiran que les haz hecho el Mejor Trabajo del mundo cuando estan bien atendidos en todo aspecto anteriormente comentado.

Simon M

Interbeauty Corp / KLERAVITEX

Annoying naturally curly hair?

When i read this question by @India_Baldasso. I was laughing not because of the question but because of what beauty means to each of us
For you, natural curly hair is annoying and others pray for their hair to be like that. Same with blondes and brunettes, but lets try to get to the bottom of your problem and fix it so you can love your naturally curly hair.
The main question is if you want you hair to stay curly but not dry frizzy and without shine… If your answer is yes, then we created a leave in conditioner specially for curly hair CURLS 24 ( more info here http://tinyurl.com/d66vld7). Now if you want to straighten your hair for a long period of time you can try using a relaxer or the new keratin system, both of these procedures are chemicals that might at the long run damage your hair, we carry a straighten leave in conditioner to use while blowdrying your hair , so you could straighten your hair faster without frizz and lots of shine, STRAIGHT 24 (more info here http://tinyurl.com/cp6l3m8 )
Just remember there is a product out there for any type of hair, just use them on your beautifull naturally curly hair and make everyone else jealous..l hope this helps you change your perception from “annoying” to “amazing”
Simon M.
Interbeatuy Corp / KLERAVITEX